Second SalaFAR Biennial

October 4, 2018 - January 29, 2019 General Public Exhibition
  • Main entrance to the gallery

In this Second SalaFAR Biennial, we have chosen 29 works from among those exhibited between 2016 and 2018 in the art gallery of the Ángel Ramos Foundation (SalaFAR). The works allow us to appreciate the variety of subjects addressed and resources employed today by the artist of the Puerto Rican archipelago. In technical terms, we find paintings, drawings, photographs, silkscreens, and ceramics. There are works both figurative and abstract, done by both young artist and distinguished veterans.

In the sixtieth anniversary of the Ángel Ramos Foundation (FAR), this exhibition also include emblematic works from the Ángel Ramos and Tina Hills Donation, received in 2008. The visitors can learn about the history of the Ángel Ramos Foundation and their invaluable contributions to noteworthy projects in Puerto Rico over those six decades.

Participating artist: Annie Saldaña, Antonio Martorell, Diana Dávila, Fernando Paes, Naimar Ramírez, Nelson Sambolín, Nereidín Feliciano, Sofía Arsuaga, Taller Una