The Power of the Expression: A Glance at the McConnell Valdés Collection

December 5, 2021 - April 10, 2022 General Public Exhibition
A work of art is an open composition that awaits for the observer’s glance to begin and to complete the infinite cycle of the visual dialogue. We cannot love that which we do not know. This exhibition entices us to take a different look: to discover to be able to love. Let us start by contemplating without prejudice and inquiring with curiosity, with the understanding that art is not merely a decorative object; it is a significant object.  
Two fundamental elements must be considered: form and content. We cannot do without either of them. Both are intertwined to communicate and to allow us to have an aesthetic experience which also transmits an idea that stems from the circumstances and the reality of the artist and his/her society. In other words, graphic arts are more than just an experience of form, of what is considered “beautiful”. That beauty contains an idea; it has a meaning that derives from a culture, from what constitutes a common social and ethical denominator that we share and that the artist has discovered for himself/herself and for us.  
The works presented in this exhibition contain diverse approaches or styles or forms of expression: figurative art prevails, but abstraction also is present. The content of social and political reality, the rescue of the landscape, the human body, the verse transformed into an image or the image transmuted into verse, and the city and the urban environment are some of the themes that provoke the artist and us. The diversity that is portrayed is representative of the national art. 
The McConnell Valdés law firm celebrates its 75th anniversary by sharing an illustrative sample of the production of the visual artists that form part of its collection. 
Teresa Tió Fernández, Ph.D. 
Art Historian, Guest Curator 
José Alicea, Luis Alonso, Alfonso Arana, Myrna Báez, John Balossi, Analida Burgos, Jesús Cardona, Carlos Collazo Mattei, Carlos Dávila Rinaldi, Susana Espinosa, Eddie Ferraioli, Rafael Ferrer, Carmelo Fontánez, Martín García Rivera, Domingo García, Consuelo Gotay, Luis Hernández Cruz, Susana Herrero Kunhardt, Bernardo Hogan, Lorenzo Homar, Epifanio Irizarry, Haydée Landing, Carlos Marichal, Antonio Martorell, José Meléndez Contreras, Roberto Moya, Luis Muñoz Lee, Luis Abraham Ortiz, Ramiro Pazmiño, Omar Quiñones, Joaquín Reyes, Rafael Rivera Rosa, Carlos Raquel Rivera, Dennis Mario Rivera, Arnaldo Roche Rabell, Francisco Rodón, Jaime Romano, José Rosa Castellanos, Lyzette Rosado, Noemí Ruiz, Nelson Sambolín, María Emilia Somoza, Jaime Suárez, Carlos Sueños, José Antonio Torres Martino, Luis Torruella, Rafael Trelles, Rafael Tufiño, Orlando Vallejo, Isabel Vázquez y Jorge Zeno.