The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico’s Center for Innovative Education offers collective learning experiences that make accessible the appreciation, the enjoyment, and the [re]cognition of the arts in all their diversity. The Center aims to foster a culture of artist workshops, dialogs, and encounters as didactic tools for the strengthening of creativity and the development of the aesthetic thinking thought in the community.

We would like to thank the Miranda Family and the Flamboyán Foundation for making the renovation of the Center for Innovative Education possible. The space, located on the first floor of the Museum, was re-opened in May 2022, and includes art workshops, a library, a digital art labs, a conference room, and it houses the studio for the artist in residence.    

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@Creative Pedagogies is MAPR's multidisciplinary collective of artists, educators, and art historians that make up the Center for Educational Innovation. Here, we research and put into practice new approaches to the relationship between art and education. We work to adapt the pedagogical experiences to the Puerto Rican context to develop didactic strategies for the mediation between teaching and learning through Puerto Rican art, its exhibition and circulation.

Our main objectives are:

To promote autodidactic experiences and the enjoyment of art in the community.

To strengthen the connection between the community and the arts in all their diversity.

To develop spaces of conversation that foster experiential learning and promote for the creation of shared knowledge.


For more information, write to us at, or call us at 787-977-6277, ext. 2249, 2259, or 2271.

Participatory Tours


Here at the Center for Educational Innovation, we recognize that the public possesses valuable knowledge that enriches the experience of the museum visit when that knowledge is shared.

In order to promote the sharing of said knowledge, we have at our disposal vast pedagogical resources like the use of questions and play to invite the public to re-think art and the problems posed by artists. Our process is one of dialog, which generates constructive and satisfying experiences.

As part of our regular offering, we provide participatory tours every Fridays and Saturdays. These tours are included with the admission ticket:

Participatory tours by @CREATIVE PEDAGOGIES for the general public and families:

Every Saturday at 11AM and 2PM.

Guided visits for tourists:

Every Friday at 11AM, headed by instructor Mildred Calero, and on Sundays at 2PM with instructor Noemí Sierra.

For more information or to reserve a spot write to us at

Artist in Residence

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Here at the Museum’s Center for Educational Innovation, we are working toward building a program based on diversity, equity, and inclusion that allows us to promote our African heritage in the arts through our support for the life and work of Black artists. Thanks to a grant from the Darryl Chappell Foundation, artist in residence Gadiel Rivera Herrera will spend a year developing a project from his studio in the Museum’s first floor. The program is aimed at fostering the artist’s growth, as well as impacting the community in a positive way. With that in mind, the artist in residence offers mentorship to high school and college students interested in continuing a career in the arts. The Darryl Chappell Foundation also offers mentorship and support to the artist in residence in their process.

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The Workshop-Gallery Cecilia Orta Allende is available for use by students and the community. It is a place for experimentation and learning, while serving as an exhibition space for projects by the Museum’s Center for Educational Innovation. We look for students that are eager to contribute to the museum’s efforts through the internship program in pedagogic curatorship.

For more information, write to us at or investigació, or call us at 787-977-6277, ext. 2260.


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Here at the Center for Educational Innovation, we work to further the relationship between art, ecology, and sustainability. The project Harvesting Art: Botanical Dyes comprises a free manual for educators that includes educational and creative activities around three main themes: agroecology, dye extraction, and botanical drawing.


Click here to access de educator's manual and the project video

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To find out how you can help bring this project to Puerto Rico’s private and public schools, write to us at, or call us at 787-977-6277, ext. 2257.


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For college students and other specialized members of the public interested in deepening their knowledge of the arts, we offer regular conferences with important figures, mentorship programs, panel discussions, film forums, mentorship programs, and research seminars among other academic activities.  



Get updates about our schedule on social media @MuseoMAPR.


For more information, write to us at, or call us at 787-977-6277, ext. 2221 or 2259.



The mission of the Museum’s Study and Research Hall (SEIMAPR) is to provide a space for the study and research of the visual arts in Puerto Rico and internationally. SEIMAPR also offers access to the Museum’s permanent collection and resources on specialized subjects like museology, museography, the integration of the visual arts in the school curriculum, and architecture. Its aim is to broaden the experience of the visitors, to promote research, and preserve the institutional—artistic—memory of Puerto Rico and the world.  

SEIMAPR boasts a collection of more than 3,000 books and bibliographic resources, workstations, research spaces, computers with internet access, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Our facilities, resources and services are available to the community for free.

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Founded in 2001 and renovated in 2012, the Fundación Ángel Ramos activARTE Gallery is an interactive gallery that was conceived as a lab for multisensory experiences intended to promote learning, artistic sensibility, and creativity. The current exhibition, which is dedicated to the study of art as a language, offers visitors the opportunity to experience works by Puerto Rican artists and learn about different techniques and mediums through activities, workshops, and interactive games.

Since its opening, the activARTE Gallery has become a space for families and has received several awards for educational excellence for its programming and educational materials. The most important of these was the American Alliance of Museums’ 2005 Education Committee Excellence Award, the first time a museum in Puerto Rico received the award.

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The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico sees itself as an extension of the classroom. We offer interactive tours, workshops, publications, and access to information sources, as well as a varied educational services to meet the needs of students and teachers from public or private institutions or even homeschoolers. We offer activities for the integration of the arts in all academic subjects.

We also offer continuing education activities for teachers that include a variety of print and digital materials for the integration of the arts to the school curriculum.


Schools also have access to interactive tours on specific subjects tailored to the needs of the educators. At the end of these tours, students enjoy a creative workshop that allows them to further explore the subject being taught.


We also hold congresses, annual portfolio revisions, open houses for universities, contests, summer camps for children and young people, Saturday workshops, and other activities that promote creative exploration.

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For more information, write to us at, or call us at 787-977-6277, ext. 2221.