The MAPR Volunteer Program’s purpose is to create bonds and a general sentiment of goodwill between the Museum, the Puerto Rican community and the visiting public.  This program will identify, train, and evaluate the people who through their own free will decide to offer their time to educate, facilitate and strengthen visitors’ experience in the Museum.

The Volunteer Program is composed of a team of community citizens, students, active and retired professionals from all segments of society, who provide services in the diverse educational, cultural and administrative areas of the institution.

Volunteers are divided into three groups: educational, hosting and auxiliary administrators.

For information about the Volunteer Program, call 787.977.6277 ext. 2279 or email:

To apply for admission to the Volunteer Program, you may complete online the Application for Admission to the MAPR Volunteer Program.

Requirements for becoming a MAPR Volunteer

Volunteers should:

  • Be museum members and maintain their museum membership up-to-date. 
  • Successfully complete and approve a training program before beginning their service.

Type and requirement of service

Volunteers may offer their services as auxiliary or educational volunteers, leading tours through the Museum. Auxiliary volunteers may select their area of preferred work, which will be subject to the approval and availability of the Museum’s Directors together with the Volunteer Coordinator.

To maintain their volunteer status active, it is expected that volunteers fulfill their commitment to serve at least 100 hours per year.