Fruta Favorita
Date 2000
Dimensions 36"x 64"
Category Sculpture
Medium Cast bronze
Genre Still life
Period 21st Century
Collection * Title Translation: Favorite Fruit

Annex Burgos

"Fruta Favorita*" (2000)



Sculptor, painter, and creator of installations, assemblages, and constructions. Burgos earned her BA in Art, with a specialty in painting, from the Puerto Rico School of Plastic Arts in 1992, and a master’s in painting from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 1997. She has become increasingly more interested in three-dimensionality, producing a number of sculptures, installations, assemblages, and constructions. Her first solo exhibition, in 1998, made clear her interest in that transformation. In both her more personal work and her work for public spaces, she occasionally makes use of prefabricated and “found” materials as well as industrial materials such as cement, and she is interested in provoking the viewer to discover interactions between objects and ideas. Her best known works for public spaces include Favorite Fruit (popularly known as Avocados), on the entrance plaza at the farmer’s market in Santurce, and The Muses, which stand also on the entrance plaza in front of the Fine Arts Center in Santurce. In her recent work, Burgos explores the multiplicity of corporal experience, presenting the body as an act of reaffirmation and transformation. Her installation titled Transcorpus was the centerpiece of the 2005 exhibition of the same name at the Ibero-American Festival of the Arts. The installation proposed differing readings of acts of transformation—bodies in transit.